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      Kid's stunt scooters can buy from our Manchester HQ or online with our specialist in children's scooters. Whether you are shopping for a boy, girl, or want something unisex, our kid's range of kick scooters will cater to all age groups.

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      16 products

      16 products

      Are Kid's Stunt Scooters Different Sizes?

      Yes, kids' stunt scooters come in all shapes and sizes, and we tend to suggest you get an idea of your child's height before ordering. While some sites with kids stunt scooters for sale will mark in cm, others will mark in age. We try to make things as straightforward as possible by splitting things up by age. However, you can get more kids' scooter sizing advice below.

      What is the right size scooter for my child?

      Every kid is different, so the kid's stunt scooter you go for will depend on not just their age but their height too. Here's our quick aide to help you find the right children stunt scooter.

      • Aged 6 - 8 for heights of 115cm to 130cm.
      • Aged 7 - 10 for heights of 125cm to 145cm.
      • Aged 9 - 12 for heights of 140cm to 160cm.
      • Aged 11+ for heights of 150cm and above.

      Where To Buy Kid's Stunt Scooters Near Me?

      Select isn't just an online scooter shop, we are also an offline store stocking a wide range of kids stunt scooters. Our HQ is based in Stockport, Manchester - so if you would like to take a look at our wide range of products before buying, come on down. 


      What types of kids stunt scooters are there?

      Kid's stunt scooters come in a vast range of product types. From those designed for tricks, to the more beginner friendly stable decks for getting to grips with. Beyond the use of the kids scooter, we can break our range down into colourways, features, sizes and versatilty for different enviroments.

      If you want some advice on the right type of kids scooter for your needs, just drop us a message on the webchat or a phone on our store telephone number and one of our team will help you out.

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      What is the best brand of kid's stunt scooter?

      With an evergrowing list of names producing kid's stunt scooters, some stand out brands are worth paying attention to for your child's first or best kick scooter.

      This isn't an exhaustive list of the best brand of kid's stunt scooter, but certainly should give you some point of reference. Happy shopping, and if there is anything we can help with to make that buying experience more seamless, please do ask.