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      Select Scooters - The stunt scooter people

      Vision, mission and principles 

      We created Select scooters because we believe that action sports are a great way of developing a child’s physical and social attributes. We love to be involved within the local community and are constantly impressed by the enthusiasm and progression skill level of scooter riders in the UK.


      Alexandra Skatepark Stockport Skate Jam 2019
      Alexandra Skatepark Jam 2019 - 

      1. To impact the lives of young people positively through the participation of stunt scooters.

      2. To be the stunt scooter industry’s most customer-centric company, to build a place where people can discover the best equipment for their needs and the tools to get the most of the gear.


      In the future, we plan to reduce entry barriers to those that would like to give the sport a go in the forms of free stunt scooter lessons in and around the Stockport area with intentions of implementing them in other skateparks around the U.K


      • We believe we exist on this earth to encourage the physical and social development of kids and teenagers through the act of rolling sports.
      • We believe in products that fit right and last.
      • We Believe in riders being able to express their individuality and personality through their scooters
      • We believe in excellence
      • We believe in extreme ownership 
      • We believe in continuous improvement
      • We believe in the simple, not the complex.
      • We believe in evolving and adapting to the needs of our customers.
      • We participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution so our attention is not diluted
      • We believe in people being in the positions that play to the strengths so they can have the biggest impact on the company possible.
      • We believe collaboration is the key to increasing the speed at which problems are solved and customers are better served .

      Our team members

      alex watson owner of select scooters

       Owner - Alex Watson

       With a passion for all rolling sports, a rollerblader at heart can build a scooter in 0.007 seconds—also, someone who finds it strange talking in the third person. With a degree in marketing and psychology, experience working in B2B and B2C businesses, I wanted to find a way to add value to society on my terms. A skate shop was a childhood pipe dream that fit well with the demand for rolling sports gear in the Stockport area gave birth to Stockport Skateshop in November 2018. 

       With no retail experience other than a few months at Nandos and many other skills that were lacking, help from many friends to fill those gaps was essential for the shop's sustainability. Owen Peters, Elliot Jones, Morgan Mcshane, Nick Hart, to name a few people who are why the skate shop ran as smoothly as it did, and I am personally extremely grateful for their help and support. 

       In 2020 we decided to focus our energy on one sport to serve our customers better, and Select scooters began combined with our sister brand Alchemy Scooters. Starting a business has been a catapult to personal growth, and I enjoy the journey of incremental progression. I would recommend biting the bullet if there is a venture you have in mind, even just in your spare time, to see if it could provide a living for yourself.

      Customer Support - Veronika Petrasova

      Mum of avid scooter rider Veronika has a master's in engineering, and we are not sure why she still works here. Must be the staff discounts on stickers.

      nick hart alexandra park scooter camera in hand

      Professional Support - Nick Hart

      Father of 2 stunt scooter riders, Nick takes full advantage of his shop discounts while being a valuable asset to the business. He demonstrates time and time again the value of shop design, product arrangement, and stock organization.

      owen peters profressional photographer manchester

      Photographer - Owen Peters

      Whenever we need something done correctly, we get Owen involved, really high-quality work with great attention to detail. If you are interested in using him for your project, you can find him on Instagram @owenpetersphotography or his website www.owenpetersphotography.com.